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Mary is the main character for TinyWars. She is the daughter of the character "Johnny" also known simply as "Father" as well as the character referred to as "Mary's Mother." Mary leads the brigade of girls who will defend the kingdom from the oncoming attack.

General Information Edit

Personality Edit

Her personality is courageous, she never backs down from a challenge and she can even be described as bratty at times, but most of all, her personality can be described as "just." Mary will not back down from doing what she believes to be the right thing to do.

According to the notes left by Mary's Father, as a child Mary often observed his battles and read his war notes. (Mary's Father was one of the top generals in the tiny kingdom.) Mary preferred to be more involved with her father's work than anything else. Father even noted Mary as being a "strange child," but also that she was the most important thing he had left.

Skills Edit

Mary's leadership, manipulation, and ability to coerce anyone to do her bidding, is why she takes the lead in most situations.

When she meets with Kim for the first time, initially Kim does not want to fight to defend the kingdom. Mary talks with Kim and convinces her to join the battle as a way to "get back" at the kingdom which imprisoned Kim in the first place, she also suggests that Kim truly doesn't have another alternative anyways, fight or go back to jail while the kingdom burns in flames.

In the third chapter of TinyWars, Mary obtains a bow which originally belonged to her Father. She uses this bow in gameplay to defend the castle from oncoming enemies. Her abilities with the bow are both convenient and necessary to help advance through certain levels. Unlike Kim, Mary is able to aim with much more precision and deal a more powerful blow, at the expense of lack of range.

Gameplay Edit

Mary is not a place-able unit like the other characters. At the beginning of each level, Mary spawns on top of a chess piece that looks like a castle. This piece serves as the end of the path that the enemies of the tower defense gameplay head towards.

In the first two chapters of TinyWars, Mary merely serves as a visual, a guide, and tutorial for the player. After Mary acquires her bow, she becomes more like a traditional unit, minus the ability to be spawned anywhere else.

Backstory Edit

Mary grew up with her Father in the Giant's House, otherwise known as "John's House". Mary and her Father lived within the walls and the attic of the house along with Father's research team, and a select few elites of the Tiny Kingdom.

When Mary's Father died, Mary was transported by her Father's servant, Suzu, to the Stump Kingdom where Mary spends the rest of her childhood and early teenage years. This is the point in which the TinyWars game actually begins, details about these past events are uncovered through Father's journal and notes which he had left behind.

Character Design Edit

Origin Edit

Mary's design is based on a girl from the imagination of the creator of TinyWars. According to the creator, this girl appears in certain day dreams about a totally different story and world completely, but her design seemed appropriate for this game.

Design Edit

Her design and personality is largely influenced by a character called Haruhi Suzumiya, from an anime called The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

The blue hat and white hair are characteristics of the character in the day dreams of the creator of TinyWars. There is nothing really particular or meaningful about these design choices other than that they represent the type of design you would see in a girl whose ego and self worth is far greater than it should be!

The original girl from his day dreams takes charge of a city in the middle of the ocean. Her story may be similar to Mary's in that her Father, once the king of this city at sea, passed away, leaving this child to inherit the kingdom. The creator says that due to this child's lack of a "normal" childhood, she is one of the most ruthless, and clever queen this kingdom has ever had, and it's one of the most fun things to imagine about her in various scenarios!

Name Edit

The name Mary in Hebrew means "Bitter" or "Rebellion." Compared to Mary's personality in TinyWars, the creator though this name felt appropriate. There are some scenes in the third chapter that depict Mary in the light as some sort of "holy" or chosen one. Though there are other subtle allusions to Mary as a "chosen one" throughout the story, this depiction is most obvious reference to the name Mary having to do with something holy or beautiful.

Relationships Edit

Suzu Edit

Suzu has been the servant of Mary's Father since before the beginning of the game. After Mary's Father passes away, Suzu remains faithful to Father's wishes and helps raise Mary through her childhood in the Stump Kingdom. Suzu also serves as the Melee unit for TinyWars. Suzu is seen often as the parental figure not only for Mary, but also for all the girls in general. She is the oldest, wisest, and most mature of the Tiny Brigade.

Father Edit

Mary's relationship with her Father is mainly outlined in the notes left behind by her Father. It is clear that Mary has reverence for her Father, but does not know or have a very clear idea about much of his past or research.

Kim Edit

Mary meets Kim in the prison of the Stump Kingdom, and offers Kim her freedom in exchange for helping her defend the Stump Kingdom. After they defend the kingdom, Kim joins Mary in her Brigade to save the Tiny Kingdom.

Amy Edit

In the second chapter of TinyWars, Mary and Amy do not get along at all, this is largely due to the fact that Mary sees Amy as a weak, spineless child. Mary bullies Amy and uses her to gain access to water and her sand castle. Later on, Amy decides to join Mary and her brigade because she was inspired by Mary's courage in fending off the oncoming attacks.

Kumo Edit

Mary's relationship with Kumo seems to parallel that of Father. Mary and Kumo get along, but like her Father, Mary is still not entirely aware of Kumo's post or specific details. This is even further reinforced by the fact that the Brigade finds Kumo living within Father's abandoned research lab, reading his research notes, and conducting her own experiments within the lab.

Eve Edit

Eve and Mary had been friends in the past when Mary's Father was still alive. It's not very clear what happened to the friendship, but at some point Mary and Eve lost contact for a very long time, probably when Mary was transported to the Stump Kingdom.

Amy's Older Sister Edit

Amy's Older Sister see's Mary more as a rival, or a challenge than as a cute little girl. They are often seen challenging each other or trying to "one up" each other. Though Amy's Older Sister later does admit she has some respect for Mary, it is not apparent how much she likes Mary vs. how much she see's her as an annoyance.

Amy's Older Sister says she has no interest in joining Mary's brigade due to the fact that she has to run the Candy Castle, but later on she appears sad when Amy is gone on adventures with Mary.

Stump King Edit

The Stump king is aware of Mary, her Father, and has great respect for Mary's Father. Likewise, he feels obligated to take care of Mary and even gives her an honorary seat within the Stump Kingdom, though it is in the darkest, most out of place corner in the Stump Castle. The Stump King turns to Mary as a last resort to save their kingdom.

Shroom King Edit

The Shroom King is the king of the entire Tiny Kingdom. He appears very much aware of who Mary is and what she has been doing for most of her life. The Shroom King has known Mary's Father and has respect for him, but when Mary meets the Shroom King for the first time, he appears initially uninterested in her help, even asking Mary to leave them alone.


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